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We strive to ensure all clients are fully satisfied with our pest control services. Please leave a review below to let us know if our services exceeded your expectations.

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Brown K. Avatar
Brown K.
7/10/2023 - Google
jean h. Avatar
jean h.
6/24/2023 - Google
I used to have silverfish and centipedes. Now I don't, thanks to Blue Chip
Brian B. Avatar
Brian B.
5/24/2023 - Google
It's okay, we still have a lot of tickets but no roaches or mice.
L S. Avatar
L S.
5/24/2023 - Google
We had a horrible situation with aggressive woodpeckers. The damage they did to our home was extensive in a very short time. We call Blue Chip an... read more
John T. Avatar
John T.
3/24/2023 - Google
Dave G. Avatar
Dave G.
2/24/2023 - Google
They were always good about calling me for the interior inspection. So far they haven’t called me to set up a time to do the interior inspection.
Robert C. Avatar
Robert C.
2/24/2023 - Google
Always on time, polite and informative.
Lois E. Avatar
Lois E.
2/24/2023 - Google
Great job dealing with spiders!
Billy G. Avatar
Billy G.
2/24/2023 - Google
Very impressed with not only the professionalism of my inspector but also his easy manner (no "hard-sell"). Dylan B. came the day after I called the o... read more
Don L. Avatar
Don L.
1/24/2023 - Google
Very fast and easy. Technician all business
Barb T. Avatar
Barb T.
1/24/2023 - Google
Susan J. Avatar
Susan J.
1/24/2023 - Google
Blue Chip provides excellent customer service. They are professional and timely. I highly recommend Blue Chip!
Mike H. Avatar
Mike H.
1/24/2023 - Google
Blue Chip is reliable and punctual and their treatments are effective.
Richard V. Avatar
Richard V.
1/24/2023 - Google
Very happy with the services, timeliness, effectiveness, and professionalism. I very, very rarely see spiders anymore - even in my basement. I used ... read more
JudyJohn D. Avatar
JudyJohn D.
1/24/2023 - Google
We always feel like a valued customer. We continue to use them each year and know we could use them for any pest service if needed. Thank you Blue Ch... read more
Cynthia C. Avatar
Cynthia C.
1/24/2023 - Google
Brock M. Avatar
Brock M.
1/24/2023 - Google
Service was OK but after 2 years we ultimately chose not to renew because I’m young enough and capable enough to do the treatments myself more thoroug... read more
Kathy M. Avatar
Kathy M.
1/24/2023 - Google
Jane M. Avatar
Jane M.
1/24/2023 - Google
The service & the serviceman were very good, but I did not know he was coming today or I would have left the gate unlocked. I was home though,' and le... read more
Wendy C. Avatar
Wendy C.
1/24/2023 - Google
They come in and get right to work. They are fast, efficient and friendly.
Jim Z. Avatar
Jim Z.
1/24/2023 - Google
TheRaetriton Avatar
1/24/2023 - Google
Richard B. Avatar
Richard B.
1/24/2023 - Google
dani d. Avatar
dani d.
1/24/2023 - Google
Pauline M. Avatar
Pauline M.
1/24/2023 - Google
Nick H. did the extermination/inspection and did a very thorough job. Highly recommend Blue Chip Pest Services. Thank you Nick H. for your great pest ... read more
Gale P. Avatar
Gale P.
1/24/2023 - Google
I have been a customer of Blue Chip for over 30 years. That alone speaks to the quality of their services and professionalism of their staff. I high... read more
dona s. Avatar
dona s.
1/24/2023 - Google
The staff are wonderful and I have thoroughly enjoyed and satisfied with my Blue Chip Team
Debbie B. Avatar
Debbie B.
1/24/2023 - Google
Friendly and efficient!
Nancy S. Avatar
Nancy S.
1/24/2023 - Google
I have used Blue Chip for 10 years. The technicians have always been very helpful, thorough, and pleasant. I have never had a pest problem, which is... read more
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