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Bug Out understands that school and daycare facilities require only the safest, most effective pest control. Our top priority is safety, which is why we use environmentally friendly products and sensitive strategies in youth care spaces. Using a thoughtful approach, we can not only control active infestations but also prevent future ones from occurring.

The St. Louis area can depend on our school pest control services to keep them free of pests. Our exterminators will be able to provide your school or daycare with reliable and effective pest control that meets your specific needs.

Safety-First School Pest Control

Pest infestations are common in schools, ranging from ants and rodents to termites and cockroaches. In addition to destroying reputations, some pests can endanger students and employees. That’s why our school pest exterminators at Bug Out will address all sources of infestation to prevent pests from becoming a problem in your building. With our QualityPro certification, we also promise to use the most conscientious pest control products in schools, so your students and your employees are safe,

Pest Control in Schools and Daycares

Preventing pest infestations before they occur is the key to keeping pests out of schools. We take the following steps for our pest control in daycare centers and schools:

  1. A complete inspection of the school or daycare and the area surrounding it
  2. Identification of all current pest problems and their contributing conditions
  3. Development of a plan that suits your school or daycare while adhering to the building’s regulations
  4. Proper entry point blocking among other efforts to stop all sources of infestation
  5. Ongoing visits from our team to keep pests off of your property going forward

Why Choose Our School Pest Control?

It is imperative to address the source of pest problems in school settings, so our inspectors will routinely inspect your school. Bug Out exterminators are committed to using only the safest, most effective pest control products on school grounds that will cause the safest space for children and staff. Learn more about our school & daycare pest control services by contacting us today!

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