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Businesses depend on their office buildings being in good shape, which is why investing in pest control for offices is so important. A building with a lot of traffic on a daily basis is bound to have pest problems. Regular inspections, preventative pest control, and partnering with a professional exterminator are the keys to keeping offices pest-free*.

Having roots in St. Louis, the exterminators at Bug Out understand the unique pest problems that businesses in the area face. Read on to learn more about how we conduct our dependable commercial pest control!

Tips for Controlling Pests in the Office

Besides hiring a professional office pest control service, office building occupants can take the following steps to maintain a pest-free* environment:

  • Address and fix any office building maintenance issues as soon as possible.
  • Ensure that garbage cans have tight-fitting lids, and dispose of trash regularly.
  • Make sure cracks and holes on the outside of the building are sealed, paying particular attention to entry points for pipes and utilities.
  • Confirm that the building has proper drainage inside and outside. Water can be channeled away from the building by installing gutters or diverters.
  • Store food securely and clean up messes immediately.
  • Clean areas with heavy traffic every day, such as eating areas and kitchens, which are more likely to accumulate crumbs and trash.

Office Pest Management with Bug Out

In order to avoid pest problems at your office year-round, you should work with a pest control company. For effective office pest management, our team at Bug Out follows these steps:

  1. Perform an in-depth inspection of the building and surrounding grounds
  2. Determine pest pressures and conditions that may attract pests
  3. Plan your office pest control program according to your needs and your building’s regulations
  4. Control infestation sources by sealing entry points
  5. Offer continued inspections from a team dedicated to exceeding your expectations

Office Building Extermination Services

A pest-free* environment inside the office is crucial to keeping a business running smoothly. Bug Out‘s exterminators are ready to keep pests away from your office building all year round. Contact us today to learn more about our office building pest control services!

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