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FAQ Blue Chip

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Since 1963, the dedicated team at Blue Chip Pest Services has been committed to raising the standard of excellence in pest control. Our team strives to take initiative, provide personalized services, and surpass customer expectations. These principles have been the cornerstone of our success, serving homes and businesses in the region for countless generations. As the times have evolved, so have we, striving for continuous improvement.

Now, Blue Chip Pest Services is embarking on a partnership with Bug Out, marking a new chapter in our journey. With their invaluable support, we aspire to elevate the quality of our services for property managers everywhere. What does this mean for you and our existing clientele? Let’s address some frequently asked questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Going forward, Blue Chip will now be rebranded as Bug Out. This new name and coloring will appear on our uniforms, vans, and paperwork. 

Despite the new name, you will get the same level of high-quality service that Blue Chip has always provided. The only thing that’s changing is the look of our current branding.

Absolutely! No matter the same, our experts can still provide the same quality service as always.

There will be a portal where you can pay and manage all your information.

If you ever get a fee or additional charge on your service, you will always get an advance notice. Otherwise, we have no plans to change prices on any existing service agreements.

Are you on AutoPay? If so, your billing date is not set to change. And when you get new bills, credit card statements will appear as Rentokil Bug Out.

Bug Out offers not only full-service pest management, but comprehensive lawn solutions as well. They offer new strategies and innovative techniques that will allow us to improve our services. 

Blue Chip embodies the core values of initiative, ingenuity, and surpassing customer expectations. Collaborating with Bug Out ignites a renewed sense of purpose and determination in fulfilling our mission statement. Our services now extend beyond mere comprehensiveness and effectiveness; we also prioritize environmental consciousness.

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