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Experience seamless, environmentally friendly mosquito protection with the Thermacell LIV mosquito repellent system. This innovative solution deters mosquitoes, empowering you and your family to reclaim your beloved outdoor spaces. So whether you’re having a quiet evening on your deck or a festive gathering on your patio, you can forget about being bothered by mosquitoes.

Bug Out is dedicated to making your outdoor experiences undisturbed by the annoyances and potential dangers of mosquito bites.

What Is the Thermacell LIV System?

The Thermacell LIV system is a device that operates by repelling mosquitoes instead of eradicating them. This system disperses very small quantities of metofluthrin, a pest repellent, which forms a protective shield around your outdoor areas. 

Bug Out manages every aspect of the installation and ongoing maintenance throughout the season, allowing you to relax in your outdoor environment without any hassle. We’ll help you achieve peace of mind in your backyard, garden, or during any outdoor festivities without the concern of mosquito bites. 

Advantages of Having the Thermacarm LIV

Family enjoying mosquito free bbq outsideOpting for the Thermacell LIV system means improving your quality of life by ensuring that outdoor living is never compromised. Here’s why Thermacell LIV is the ultimate selection for meeting your mosquito control needs:

  • Immediate protection with swift and effective mosquito control precisely where you need it, ensuring the safety and comfort of your family and guests at all times.
  • A sustainable choice that is powerful and safe for use around pets, children, and sensitive environmental areas.
  • Expert installation and maintenance from our seasoned pest control professionals.

Bug Out’s Mosquito Repelling Strategy

Our approach at Bug Out is tailored to each customer, guaranteeing that every step, from installation to ongoing maintenance, is handled with exceptional care and personalized attention. This is what our process looks like when you choose the Thermacell LIV:

  1. Detailed Inspection: Our expert team starts by in-depth inspecting your property. We evaluate your specific needs and provide a comprehensive quote for the installation of the Thermacell LIV system.
  2. Strategic Installation: A skilled technician will visit your home to install the system strategically around your property, maximizing coverage. We also facilitate the setup of all smart functionalities, enabling you to control the system effortlessly.
  3. Regular Maintenance: We maintain the system’s effectiveness by conducting periodic inspections for signs of wear and tear and performing necessary maintenance. This includes replenishing cartridges throughout the mosquito season to ensure continuous protection.
  4. Annual Renewal Options: Maintain your peace of mind with our straightforward renewal process. Schedule your annual first service right at the beginning of the mosquito season to stay protected year-round.
  5. Customized Maintenance Plans: Recognizing the uniqueness of each outdoor space, we offer tailored maintenance plans, available monthly or at the end of each month. Our enhanced mosquito knock-down service is highly recommended for superior enjoyment of your yard and outdoor living areas.

The Future of Mosquito Prevention With Bug Out 

Are you ready to take back your outdoor spaces with effective, eco-friendly mosquito protection? Bid farewell to bothersome mosquito bites and welcome enjoyable, carefree outdoor events with Bug Out!

Reach out to us today to schedule a thorough property inspection and embark on your journey to fewer mosquitoes with the Thermacell LIV System. 

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